We build technology to transform the
fight for immigrants and refugees

Streetwide is a non-profit working to amplify the impact of those fighting for justice in a new era of immigration enforcement.

Militarization of Enforcement
The Problem

America’s immigration landscape is changing

The U.S. immigration system is being reshaped by a massive investment in surveillance technology and digital infrastructure. New instruments of oppression—data platforms, data mining algorithms, and military hardware—are being deployed to surveill, identify, and target thousands of immigrants and refugees each year.

This new era of technology-driven enforcement jeopardizes the fight for immigrants and refugees. The instruments of oppression used against communities are more powerful and more effective than the technical tools and digital infrastructure used by those working for justice. There is a growing sense of urgency to find new solutions to scale and amplify the fight for justice in order to rise to the challenge of facing this enhanced enforcement.

Our Approach

Finding solutions that rise to the challenge

We pioneer innovative solutions, test them in the field, and distribute them to those fighting for immigrants and rights.

  • Identify the problem

    Work closely with stakeholders and users to identify, define, and understand the greatest challenges they're facing in their work.

  • Assemble Solutions

    We lean on our expertise in tech and product design to develop a pilot through a dialectical interative design process.

  • Iterate and Refine

    Data and insights are built into our tools for a tight development and iteration cycle allowing us to quickly optimize our tools.

Our Work

Creating a communication platform for organizations and communities to respond to ICE raids

Immigrant rights advocates need a way to respond quickly to community members arrested by ICE. We worked with groups across the country to build a communication platform in order to achieve this important goal. Learn More.

Rapid Response Training

Our Partners

We’ve helped more than 50+ organizations across the United States make measurable advancements in their programs and campaigns.

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